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Conquest For Life (CFL) is a small NGO based in South Africa. We exist to tackle the problems facing our communities, and believe that the youth of today are central to the solution.

"Young people who are not allowed to be part of the solution will always be part of the problem." - Margo Strom

We run a number of programmes to achieve our aims and objectives. Each programme focuses on different aspects of the problems we face, and targets different age brackets in the youth sector. Our continual process of evaluation means that our programmes evolve over time. We remain responsive to the changing needs of our evolving community.

Director's report

Another year has gone by. There is no doubt about it. Every day we see new changes within ourselves and in our community or the communities that we live or find ourselves in.

For us at Conquest For Life things have really changed. We have found ourselves in a situation where it is important for us to make a difference now and leave a legacy for our children and family to follow. We have seen our programs going from strength to strength, continuing evaluating the way we do things and are we relevant to our clients?


Chairman's report Dr Saths Cooper

The past year has been quite an interesting year for Conquest For Life both from a funding and a programming perspective. We were faced with a number of our loyal donors cutting their support or in some instances even withholding it as they are not so sure of the markets and their own future.


Future At CFL we anticipate and look forward to the future. We have come a long way since we were first established in 1995, yet our vision and commitment to the work that we do is still as strong as ever. In other to reach out even more to the communities around us we are currently working on various projects.

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